I Started a Blog

*It has been a long time since I have faced a computer screen and written a blog.

So I apologize if my writing is awkward.


I wanted to start writing a blog for several reasons. Mainly, I wanted to share the trajectory of my life with the world. When I imagine our human ancestors, their ideas disappeared without being shared with the world. Except for nobles and kings, only the remainder of our ancestors is the year of birth and death written on their tombstones. In contrast, today we have the wonderful technology of the internet. Originally, I considered transmitting ideas through social networking services such as Twitter and YouTube, but there is a risk of data loss because there is no guarantee that the platform itself will not be terminated. With individual websites, unless the server is physically destroyed (and even if it is, there are backup servers), the content of my messages will remain in a corner of the internet almost indefinitely (hopefully).

It is a great advantage for me that my writing will remain. As far as I know, my memory is remarkably poor, as I have trouble remembering people’s names when talking to new people, and my memory of my college days is gradually fading away, so I found it meaningful to record my thoughts.

I also like the fact that blog is a writing-based medium(obviously). The most innovative technology these days (2023) is language model-based chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard. However, as it turned out, it is not a website with visual design and sophisticated CSS tacked on, but a website that displays text in a simple, question-and-answer format. While a variety of media exists, the fact that these websites attract more attention are returning to the writing-based suggests that there is a deep connection between human beings and the reading and writing.

Although I am currently active on Twitter, I started blog partly because of antithesis to the tendency that the number of likes/followers = high quality content, and the centralized nature of the platform (though this generally the case with all platforms).


I would be happy to share useful information on the Internet about the list below.

・Mountain climbing

Since I have created a website with my domain name, it makes sense to briefly introduce myself.

I was born in Tokyo/Japan in 1994, lived in Tokyo until the age of 18, and then spent the next 5 years in the US. I attended a community college in California for 3 years and then spent 2 years in Minnesota to finish college. After that, I worked for a Japanese IT company for 3 years, and is now retired and living a more relaxed life.


That sums up 29 years of my life. I will write more about myself in another article.

Thank you for reading!












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