Higashinohara Park, The Best Public Park to Workout in Inzai City, Chiba, Japan

Gym fees are expensive. The 24-hour gym (Anytime Fitness) I used to go costs 8,000 yen a month. I went there for several years, so now I think I paid nearly several hundred thousand yen.

I was riding bicyle around my neighborhood and found a beautiful park with calistenics equipment. It is Higashinohara Park. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should write an article, but I wanted to share how awesome this park is, since it’s hard to find parks that are this beautiful, spacious, and not crowded, where you can do a full-body workout. If you like to do exercise and live nearby, you should definitely visit this park. I have never had to pay a gym membership fee thanks to this park.


▽Video (subtitles ON recommended)

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The road next to the Zoya Pond, which is right next to the park, does not have many trafic. Also, the road surface is clean and suitable for bicycle sprints.
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No one uses this road but for some reason the road surface is clean and highly maintained…
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This is where the calistenics equipments are located.
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This machine was originally designed for upper body twisting and stretching, but it can also be used as a support for sissy squats,
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You can also do dips by grabbing the bar end. Many ways to use it.
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Pull-up stand. Ideal for back training.
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The photo shows leg raises in front of the pull-ups, but standing on the other side will give you a better stretch because you can lean against the curved board.
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I am not sure how to use this equipment. So I figured to use for leg lunge.
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There is an abdominal bench near the children’s playground.
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The lawn is well maintained. No one comes. It is not crowded even on holidays. Because there are many beautiful and well-maintained parks around Inzai City, they may not need to come here unless they live really close. However, among the many parks, this park is the only one that has not only pull-up stands but also a variety of calistenics equipment.
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There are large benches. I often see people taking a nap.
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Public restroom. The inside is fairly clean. There is a hand soap, so I can wash hands after training with the equipment.
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Tap water outside the restrooms.
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Going to the little lookout through the jogging path in the park.
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Perhaps because there are relatively few trees planted, the sky is very liberating. I like to relax at this little lookout area, soaking up the sun and drinking tea.


As a side note, there is a sign at the entrance of this park that says the bunker location of Japanese military planes used at the end of the Pacific War. The locaion ison the west side of the Zoya Pond, so I visited there.

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The airplane bunker suddenly appeared in the middle of a residential area. It is difficult to get a sense of 3D feeling and height from the photo, but when I went around it, I realized that thos histprocal site has a fairly large space. Very interesting…


If you live in Inzai City and are looking for an alternative to a gym, I highly recommend Higashinohara Park. Thanks for reading.





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